• No one is glad to be managed. So don’t try to manage your boss, but to prioritizing your relationship.
  • Three major topics
  • Communicate with your boss FIRST. Either good news or bad news, your boss don?t want to be the last person to know it. Communicate with your boss before you communicate with other people on the organization. Hearing the news about the organization from someone else make him/her feel bad, which hurts the relationship. 
  • Make changes when you get feedback. When directs get feedback, whether positive or negative feedback, consider strongly about making a feedback. If you blow off the feedback every time, people will stop sharing the feedback with you.
  • Maintain confidentiality: keep the confidential information your boss shared with you confidential. Don?t risk to ruin the trust.
  • Why does how my Boss feels matter: he/she controls your performance review, and the project you get.
  • Where the relationship comes from?  The little, daily things that built up the relationship, not the big things. 
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