Concurrency Based on Threads, Locks and Shared State

This is the third article discussing the challenges of implementing high concurrent web applications. In the previous two articles, we mainly focused on the challenge for handling concurrent requests and the two design patterns of handling concurrent requests. In this article, we are going to discuss the challenges in designing highly concurrent business logic.

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Complier Design: Scanner, Parser and Analysis

Compiler is the translator between human readable high level language and the computer readable low level languages, it translate the a program from a source language into a target language. Why do we need compiler? Because for human beings, programming in a machine language, such as assembly is highly inefficient and time consuming.

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Release It! Stability

Morden software system usually needs to process transactions, which is an abstract unit of work. A resilient system keeps processing transactions even when there are transient impulses, persistent stresses, or component failure disrupting normal processing.

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